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Brookfield Kitchen Remodel

It starts with a complimentary meeting between you and owner, Aaron Skirrow. This meeting commences “The Discovery Phase” where we seek to learn the scope of the project and develop a preliminary budget to determine the fit and feasibility for moving forward.

From there we enter “The Design Phase.” We design plans in house or you can bring your plans to us. When final plans are complete we begin “The Planning Phase.” Here we complete the construction documents: contracts, schedules, permit applications, etc.

Once the permits and surveys are approved, we progress into the final and most exciting stage: “The Construction Phase.”

From breaking ground to move in day, we strive to make the construction process an enjoyable experience for our customers. We accomplish this by: 1) Keeping you informed throughout construction on important details, 2) Managing the project with diligence and a positive attitude to maintain safety and quality in all phases of construction, 3) Ensuring that work is being accomplished every day to finish on, or ahead of schedule, and 4) Striving to reduce costs wherever possible and to finish construction at or below budget.